onsdag 31 augusti 2011


So I have picked up my watercolors and brushes again. It's been a while since I drew something not digital and it was really fun.

This one is a little gift to AinaShadox on DeviantArt. Just because she's such a sweet person. I wasn't going to post this yet since I wanted her to receive it first. But let just hope she doesn't follow my blog ;)

This one was just for fun. I felt like I needed to practice on drawing horses.

And this is a commission I made for ThunderWolf52 on DeviantArt some months ago. I just haven't been able to post it since my scanner didn't work.

2 kommentarer:

Eileen sa...

Your traditionally done artwork is beautiful! I must say I always lean toward traditional. Keep drawing!

agberry75 sa...

Cute, what water color u use? and how! or is it... secret?