lördag 9 januari 2010


Just a couple portraits.

This one is of my wonderful mother <3

And this is of my favorite artist ever. Michael Jackson of course :)

Fresh Air

Omg, I actually stepped outside of my door today. It's been snowing a lot the past days and I almost couldn't open my door becuase of all the snow and because the door has been closed way too long. Haha.

Here's a little something I made today

fredag 8 januari 2010

Lazy day

I haven't even stepped out of my door today. I've been drawing the entire day. Though that's pretty good since I owe a lot of people art. Here's some of the art I've done today

This one's for emone on DeviantART

This is for Felizz on DeviantART

And this is just for myself. I sketched this sometime between christmas and new year. I thought it was time to try out some different styles since it's a new year and all (:

fredag 1 januari 2010

Happy New Year

It's been a while since I updated here. Today it's been snowing a lot so me and my family have been out taking some photos. I got some pretty cool pictures. I'm not very much of a photographer and my camera isn't the best but still I like them.