torsdag 18 november 2010

I'm back!

I haven't really had any time to update my blog for a long time. I've been pretty busy with graduating and new school. Since august I've been going to an art school to learn all the basics in art, wich haven't been very instructive. I felt like they're just trying to teach me things I already know. (Though I can't say that I haven't learned anything. Some things have been very useful.)
Because of all this I haven't had any inspiration at all to draw lately. So last week I talked to my teacher and told her how I felt about it. She totally understand me and let me skip that first basic year and jump directly to the second year, in wich we're supposed to start our own project, wich is great! For a long time I've been wanting to write and illustrate my own childrens book. I've had a lot of ideas and finished characters but never really had time for it. And now I have :)
Though I have a lot of other projects going on. Like this huge watercolor drawing where I'm going to ad as many felines as possible. And I'm also trying to get back to acrylics wich I haven't been using since I was like 14-15 and drew only landscape paintings.

So from now I'm going to use this blog a lot to show you what I'm doing every day and keep you updated on my projects. Also some of my commissions and other digital works will be posted here.

This is the first part of my big watercolor painting/collage. This cougar is in the buttom corner of the paper. I've also added a ocelot in the painting but haven't got a photo of that yet. I'll have to update that tomorrow.

Acrylic painting of Kattja.

And this is my workspace in my school (very messy)

2 kommentarer:

foxygabriella sa...

Din atteljé ser precis ut som hur en atteljé ska se ut: MESSY, that's the way you want it. ;)

Lyxa sa...

It is very cool to have news from you!
Your cougar have a great look! ;)